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Enchantment and Animals

  • I have a passion for art and a need to express myself.

I think of my strange animal/human-like sculptures as creating an opening or clearing a path for what is poetic in the “Ordinary”. Something that is heart felt.

When I was about eight years old, this obsession all started with a fuzzy pair of toy mice who were dressed as a bride and groom and a children’s book entitled, “Down on Easter Lane”.   Years later,  I never thought that I would devote my artistic life to drawing and sculpting animals on pottery.

My ceramic pieces embody animal-human transformation and are inspired by my love of home and fascination with animals, folklore, fairytale, and early-20th-century figurines and culture.

I am a busy woman with a demanding job as well as a family and so I SLOWLY create work in my “free” time.  Here are a few examples of what I have been working on.   They are hand built function work with a lot of carved and drawn images.  Someone told me once that life is stranger than fiction.   I think my ceramics pieces reflect that sentiment.

Kitty Girl Sitting on a Donkey

This book "Down on Easter Lane' made such an impression on me.

Bunny Girl holding a Kitten

I love this image so much that it will probably work its way on a piece of pottery

Close up of rabbits on a serving bowl