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A Few Bowls from the Kiln

Lawrence eating Rasin Bran from a new bowl

I don’t know what it is about bowls.  I love making them.

My inspiration for creating things was handed down to me from my grandmothers and great aunts. For them creativity was a way of life in the eastern Kentucky hills. They sewed and designed quilts, knitted, played musical instruments and cooked up meals for their families and friends straight from their gardens. As the world becomes a place of increasingly mass-produced objects, I like knowing that I have created a few bowls, plates and cups with my own hands, and that, in a small way, I am following in my ancestors’ footsteps.

This summer I have been experimenting with patterns using handmade paper stencils as well as applying new slips and glazes.

Here are a few bowls from the kiln.


Rabbit Stencil


Detail of Bowl