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Mother Goose is my Muse


In the crook of a road in Wabaco, Kentucky sits the Mother Goose House.   George Stacy built her over 60 years ago. This folk art house has been in my life well…. like forever. She is my muse. The house is pretty famous now. The goose has even been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Throughout the years, many artists have painted and sketched her. She has been represented on pillows and t-shirts as well.   I think I may be the first person to capture her likeness in clay.

A few years ago while I was studying ceramic design in art school, she inspired a series of ceramic casserole vessels that I made. My professor said: “Don’t go in that direction” and so I Did go in that direction. I sold these vessels all over Hazard, especially at the Black Gold Festival.   I have slowed down making them but still managed to create a few handmade gooses every year for special orders.   I recently added this sweet little goose ornament to the collection.

The Mother Goose collection is handmade and made to order. I can’t guarantee that you will have them in time for the holidays, especially the casseroles but I will try my darndest!

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cleo and mother goose

Photo op with Cleo and the goose

goose xmas

Sweet little goose adorning the Christmas tree. Ornament $10.00 + shipping

Mother goose casserole server on the shelf

Mother goose casserole server on the shelf. $60.00 + shipping


Sorghum Narrative

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I made a small sculpture for an exhibition called Womanhood Inshrined.    A shrine is a holy and sacred place dedicated to a deity, a figure of awe and wonder.   My shrine is a simple box with birds perched on top and etched images of winged creatures in sorghum fields. A doll lays next to the shrine with tiny charms sewn into her dress.

This little shrine is inspired by meadows, fields  and houses with peeling wall paper.  Driving down roads throughout eastern North Carolina, I see fields in every direction.  There is a story in this land.  I imagine those stories as I pass weathered trees, tiny family grave yards and abandoned farm houses.   The truth is making a connection to the flat landscape of eastern NC has been a compelling journey  for me.  I love envisioning the stories in this remote and scrubby place.