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Sorghum Narrative

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I made a small sculpture for an exhibition called Womanhood Inshrined.    A shrine is a holy and sacred place dedicated to a deity, a figure of awe and wonder.   My shrine is a simple box with birds perched on top and etched images of winged creatures in sorghum fields. A doll lays next to the shrine with tiny charms sewn into her dress.

This little shrine is inspired by meadows, fields  and houses with peeling wall paper.  Driving down roads throughout eastern North Carolina, I see fields in every direction.  There is a story in this land.  I imagine those stories as I pass weathered trees, tiny family grave yards and abandoned farm houses.   The truth is making a connection to the flat landscape of eastern NC has been a compelling journey  for me.  I love envisioning the stories in this remote and scrubby place.